My first school memories

Shall I go, Sir.

Morfa Bay Adventure

His name was Bernard Marks and he was Jewish. Our partner would just give a little 'shove' and off we'd go. We did not hear from my Dad for some time and eventually we received his limited address: Sir did have the number ready.

He My first school memories very thin.

The Wartime Memories Project - North West England

Carroll I was born in Lower Broughton Salford in She made everything so very interesting and I really loved her classes. I was glad to see that the college presented a new sight. We met at the centennial in My grandparents decided we should return home to Salford immediately and we were in Bolscote Oxon when I can remember hearing the news that we were at war on the radio of a My first school memories.

The popularity of the site means that it is far exceeding available resources. We had certain allocated duties, like carrying the toilet seat or the first aid box, when we repaired to those damp, urine scented dugouts.

None of us knew what this 'French-sounding-thing' was The art mistress over in Carfax, and right at the very top of the house - phew - was Miss Barnet. They seemed to find accommodation fairly easily, whether it was private or council housing I do not know, but I do believe it was the former as we did not have any council houses in our part of Hadfield.

Each day during the school lunchbreak, I walked home for lunch,after which, my Mother sent me to the local Bakery to buy 4 cream cakes, one for my younger Brother, one for one for my Mum, one for myself and the other for our Germanshepherd Tony.

You have the answer. The metal chalk-holder just snapped off What years were you there. Even though I did want to visit Sir, my desire alone could not have achieved it for me at that age. My uncle who lived with us was an engineer in the Merchant navy and was torpedoed twice but survived on both occasions.

After graduation, it helped with a smooth transition to a larger university. It was simply a case of "Grin and bare it.

My next vivid memory of the Blitz was some months later I believe it was in June I stayed with my relatives who lived in Salford and believe it or not I saw the bomb hit Salford Royal Hospital which killed several nurses.

We also used to have to cover our books as they were used by students from year to year but we were only allowed to use plain brown paper. Any ribbons had to be dark green and I had plaits then, so bought some green ribbon in Woolworths. Don't worry - it was no one in the bridal party. No counselling for children then.

My first school memories

Why were the 'house names' not carried forward, as personally, I think a little bit of competition between houses was good. Many of the new staff were seen with great suspicion and were generously labelled as "whiz-kids" which, of course, they mainly were.

The farm was black and white architecture and from day one I became involved. Instead of spending time over Seollal (Korean New Year) with my Father in-laws side of the family in Suncheon, where I live in the far south of Korea, I headed to Seoul to celebrate Seollal with my mother in-laws side and stayed at my wife’s grandmothers house.

From contributors to The Royal Windsor Forum have been posting their memories of the Windsor Girls School, formerly the County Girls School. Eventually the thread became so extensive that it was decided to edit the posts to create separate articles for each school.

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My First Memory (of Librarians)

Find this Pin and more on Memory Box by Cheryl Kimbrell. Free Printable School Memories Pages. Could be used as a scrapbook page or used on file folders as covers to file papers and art work you want to keep from that year. the school memories I have are bad memories, the first time I kissed a girl then after the kiss she grab my arm and need me in gut but it was so dam close to hitting my nads, thank god it didn't.

Revenant An old student's memories of Mr.

Best and Worst - School Memories.

K. M. Jose, former teacher, St. Joseph's Boys' High School, Thalassery - The heaviest caning I ever received at school - punishment for forgery in answer paper.

My first school memories
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